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The winner speaks with Alyssa Ashley





What inspired you in your work for Alyssa Ashley?

When Prof. Lo Presti informed me of Alyssa Ashley for the launch of a new perfume, I immediately jumped enthusiastically. “HIP HOP“. Fate seemed just for me … my style of dance, my world, I could not afford to make mistakes. What I wanted was to hit the target company. So many ideas in my head, because the culture of Hip Hop is so many different things. The problem was to simplify this complex world in a few signs. All my experiences, especially in the dance, have returned profits and the right idea at the end is coming out.


Who is your favorite rapper?

One favorite … surely there is more than one?! Snoop Dog, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Sean Paul and many others. The most beautiful concert was to Dj Quik & Suga Free at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. An ‘unforgettable experience!


What kind of fragrance do you love to wear? 

I am a true fanatic of perfumes. Always looking for new fragrances and special, they can represent me in some way. Each fragrance conveys feelings, emotions difficult to describe. It brings out memories and makes us travel with the mind in places never seen. We tend to approach the fragrances to people … and is perhaps one of the reasons why, at times, while we are walking quietly down the street and we turn back in the hope of seeing the face of a person or memory that a trace of perfume has made us remember. It’s the beauty of perfume…


Your dream in the fashion world.

Today I am a student of the IED MODA Milan, and I’m happy to enrich one of the essential aspects for me: research. Ability to identify, analyze and translate the dynamics of contemporary and new trends in communicable concept that can serve as a tool for product design fashion.