Shooting the flow

All you have not seen
of the Hip Hop launch campaign

Photographing the continuous transformation of break dancing, the changing hues of the free style, the look made unique and unforgettable by the body wearing it and moves it is almost a contradiction. On the set of Alyssa Ashley, in addition to the photographer and two fabulous models, the star was the music. A seductive flow that has been the backdrop to a long day at work, creating the right atmosphere.


shooting-the-flow-1 shooting-the-flow-2 shooting-the-flow-3 shooting-the-flow-4 shooting-the-flow-5 shooting-the-flow-6 shooting-the-flow-7



Aziz Gueye

Valdemara Morkeviciute

Mirko Burin

Michela Lagomarsini

Assia Caiazzo

Francesco Moriello

Gaetano De Angelis

Antonio Cascarino

Gian Luca Perris

Rosy D’Ambra