Que pasa por la calle?

Magic Magno. Hip Hop dance is from the ‘barrio’

Que pasa por la calle?” In 2002 he was singing Manu Chao, going for a stroll around the most dangerous suburbs in the world after after warming up the streets of Paris and Barcelona with his music. And the answer once again comes from the street, crowded roads with numerous small trades bustling in the suburbs of Madrid where Manu had also crossed with his guitar on his shoulder. But who tells us now what’s new in the ‘barrio’ is a young rapper, born in Madrid, the Manu Chau for a new generation.

Magic Magno

Magic Magno is the first major International phenomenon of hip hop to come from Spain. Born in the post-global period- an era of widespread wars, migration and economic crisis felt from Athens to Rome to Madrid – Magic tells us his miraculous story. Take a boy from the barrio – with his old friends, barbecues in the garden of the house, drinking beer – and make him a star AND a businessman who also runs two clothing brands.
A person who has sold out concerts and has just signed a new contract with Warner. Someone that has made it, who broke through, but who always remembers where he came from and always goes back to his roots: the small flat overlooking the endless suburbs of Madrid, rapping on backing tracks lyrics about friendship, frustrations and anger of poor people, money (which is not the centre of his life) and a lot about love. Magno is the perfect representative of an entire generation, Spanish in his soul but international at the same time.

The choice of Alyssa Ashley to have him for the launch of Hip Hop reveals a great harmony with the world of youth and its new orientations. The anger no longer excludes the desire to succeed and be successful. Clothes, money and gold shine brightly, but they are no longer the law of life.