Hip Hop remixed

The graphics to communicate the many souls of an essence of success

Hip Hop, the new fragrance for women and men of Alyssa Ashley, since packaging communicates his soul composite. In terms of graphic design challenge it was not the easiest. If in fact, in the music field, the superposition of styles and sounds through the practice of sampling leads to results immediately comprehensible, the more complicated it was to focus on a pack the many forms that make up the universe graphic hip hop.

b-girl-pack b-boy-pack

There is an explosion of color and rough graffiti, worship shiny glam eighties minimalism optical black and white. From a synthesis of all this came the image of Hip Hop Alyssa Ashley. A mix of figures and graphic motifs that focuses on the fashion phenomenon of hip hop with very seductive.

In this set seemingly layered and complex eye of the guys have grown at the rate of break dance will take the message immediately. The taste of strong color, the references “jungle”, the cult of the body, the contamination as a way to create, anticipate visual suggestions in the sensations of smell.

A perfume, you can bet, will be to a whole generation. The Hip Hop generation.