A designer with the right “flow”

Genny Pomi, Hip Hop generation

In collaboration with the Academy of Fashion Koefia Rome – number 2 in the ranking of Italian fashion schools and attended by students from all over the world – and ‘was made a T-shirt man / woman for the event Hip Hop Alyssa Ashley. The design was created by a student, winner of the contest “Draw Hip Hop for Alyssa Ashley“, which was attended by six young designers:

Brando Corradini
Cinzia Dell’Omo
Grazia Garasto
Tania Lippolis
Genny Pomi
Camilla Sacchieri
GENNY POMI (the winner)



genny-2Genny, born in Ancona on 26 June 1991 has two great passions: fashion and dance. In both Genny devotes innovative taste for visual communication and with the “flow” that is typical of the hip hop generation: whether to create and bring a suit or make an ‘entry freestyle dance, it needs It is the ability to follow the time and seize the moment.

The creative freedom of freestyle is an advantage that must be able to take advantage through small gestures and communication details. Hip hop aesthetics wins the simplicity of the idea.

I approached these two really late, but I also think at the right time, because I was aware of what I was doing. My path, thanks to other experiences in the same field, was emerging and everything began to take shape.

At 22 I decided to leave and take a course of study outside my region. Among the many important Academies in fashion, I chose the KOEFIA International Academy of Haute Couture and Art of Costume in Rome.

I started with the course of Graphic Clothing, and I state that for me the graphics were a totally foreign world, but thanks to prof. Antonio Lo Presti, in charge of teaching, I became a “war machine” within two months. I learned a lot, and I discovered a side of me that artistic and creative not think I had. The passion for this sector has definitively clarified during the course of Fashion Styling with the teacher Antonella Good. I can say I have had teachers who taught me the passion for this industry and the desire to grow and learn more and more.