Alyssa Ashley "rap"
with Magic Magno

The Scent of Hip Hop Nights

#hiphopalyssaashley #raptheperfume #MagicMagno&AlyssaAshley

Magic Magno - Number 1 Hip Hop artist from Madrid - chose Hip Hop by Alyssa Ashley as the "official essence" of his next album and promotional tour that promises to be HOT. Listen to the single "Brillando en el Club" as you prepare for fabulous Hip Hop nights.

Magno will be with us in a series of selected events in collaboration with the perfume to present his audience the new essence of Hip Hop by Alyssa Ashley and we accompany you with our colors, and our brand during all events which will promote his new single coming out in September. Follow Magic Magno on  Instagram and Twitter  for dancing and rapping with Alyssa Ashley.

Brillando en el Club